Introducing: WATERWORLD - Dead

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Spotted by Phill last week, WATERWORLD is an exciting collaborative effort that involves a host of Manchester bands.

Involved are members of Waiters, Sex Hands & Sir Yes Sir and make up the new project that has absolutely zero web presence as of yet (take note of the Kevin Costner press pic). The one thing they do have, though, is a gorgeous track & video by the name of "Dead".

Now, not as dark as the title may suggest, the track is a simply stunning debut. The plucking, reverb drenched guitars have a distinct Californian feel, with the outrageously catchy melodies trickling into action as the song builds, with sighs of - "I could easily spend all day" - ushering it to an untimely end. In actuality, you may well find yourself spending all day with "Dead", but you wont be alone, that's for sure.

The clever video (can you see the lip synchronization in there?) was put together by Former Bullies' Nick Ainsworth and features clips from the Three Stooges cartoon 'Surfs You Right'. Watch it below.


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