New Single/Video: The Bookhouse Boys - Fever Lullaby

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(Photo courtesy of John Hooper)

The Bookhouse Boys are back in typically dramatic fashion with a new video for, "Fever Lullaby" off their latest LP Tales To Be Told.

In terms of releases, the band seem to have gone from a more aggressive stance on "Guns like Drums", via the effortless cool of "With You" and now arrive at the tense and sultry "Fever Lullaby". All however, posses that dramatised, cinematic quality throughout. They still wouldn't be out of place scoring a Tarantino film.

Watch the John Hooper (see image above also) made video for "Fever Lullaby" below. It will be available to buy as of November 21. To buy current LP, Tales To Be Told head on over to Rough Trade.