New Video: Caged Animals - Teenagers In Heat

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Caged Animals' "Girls On Medication" had us laughing for days back in July. Now, although considerably shorter, new track "Teenagers In Heat" is having an equally as positive effect.

The delicate track is the opener (and a mighty fine one) from the bands forthcoming album 'Eat Their Own' which is out on September 26 via Lucky Number. You can grab a copy here.

Videomaker Mike Mclean says this about it:

"This video features the song "Teenagers In Heat" by the band Caged Animals and features images from their 2011 US tour along with portions of the live video experiments that frequently accompany their performances. The experimental videos combine televised projections of the band with glowing waveform monitors, video feedback, cut and paste transparencies, QuickTime "scrubber mixing", and some fractals of analog video magic."

Enjoy it below.