New Remix: Caged Animals x Star Slinger - Teflon Heart

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Star Slinger's at it again, this time "Teflon Heart" the new single by Caged Animals is the subject.

Caged Animal's new single will consist of the original (obviously), Starslinger's remix and the strangely named track, "Your Eyes Are Gettinnnggg Sssllleeepppyyyyyy". You can hear all three tracks below, we're nice like that.

On "Teflon Heart" the band are their usual, unusual selves. With lyrics like, “you brought me to the cinema, bought me a tarantula, put film in my camera and shot my heart.” You know your in for a treat.

The track takes an interestingly alternative slant on the tradition style pop song. It works to brilliant effect and the remix, well, to put it simply it improves an already excellent track. All very different from their previous track "Girls On Medication".

Pre-order the single from Lucky Numbers bandcamp.