Tracks: The Black Belles - Honky Tonk Horror

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The Black Belles are back with a new single, after about a year's wait for some proper follow up material to their debut 7".

I'm pretty sure the majority of the blogosphere now know about The Black Belles, even if the owner of their label (Jack White) hates the Internet. On top of that, personally, I feel their media exposure thus far has been horrifically tacky and over the top (successful though) I won't be alone in thinking that.

Anyway, onto the more important thing, the music. "Honky Tonk Horror" is out September 27 on 7" vinyl and iTunes. The track itself is very good, pulsating with originality and energy, it's nothing we don't already expect from a track produced by Jack White. Catchy as hell!

Watch the preview for the track below, followed by the full version. The girls' self titled debut LP will be out in November so keep an eye out for that.