Introducing: The Black Belles - What Can I Do

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OK so we've known about The Black Belles since January and decided not to make any rash posts, as very little was known about them. Guess what? there's still very little known about them, so we're throwing caution to the wind.

This is what we do know. They're all female, a 4 piece, and their names (I don't want to be sceptical but these are definitely not their names!) Shelby Lynne, Olivia Jean, Ruby Rogers and Erin Belle.

The other piece of information we have is that they were found and signed by Jack White to his label Third Man Records (Dead Weather, White Stripes, Raconteurs) here is what their MySpace has to say,

"Third Man Records is excited to announce the debut single from new group, The Black Belles. The release captures a modern twist to a sound heavily rooted in the soul and garage rock of the 60’s. Discovered by Jack White and brought to Third Man Studios for their first recordings, “What Can I Do” and “Lies” are the band’s inaugural release and showcase their unique ability to pay homage to their roots while also pushing their music into new territories. There’s a lot of anticipation around this release and it definitely delivers."
Check out the video for The Black Belles first single "What Can I Do". The track reeks of Jack White and a lot of critic's will say it's carbon copy White Stripes. However to me, they take influences from different Jack White projects, they have the arrangement and drum beat of The White Stripes but they also have the gritty organ grinding sound of The Dead Weather.

Enough talking, decide for yourself.