New Tracks: Slow Magic - ▲

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After Slow Magic hit us with the track "Sorry Safari" they're now back with a three song collection named "▲".

The trio of tracks include the aformentioned "Sorry Safari" which as a bit of a preview is involved in today's Certified New July mixtape. This has now been accompanied by two more brilliantly smooth new tracks, "Corvette Cassette" and "Toddler Tiger".

"Corvette Cassette" follows on from where Slow Magic left off with the hazy yet energetic synth sounds. The main difference from "Sorry Safari" is the use of vocals in this track, which just adds to the dream like effect this band seems to so easily create.

The second new track on the collection is "Toddler Tiger", this one follows on effortlessly from "Corvette Cassette", but with the tempo being brought right down and droaning vocals incorporated to add a further element to the inventive mix of glo-fi and piano pop.

These three tracks are available below via the bands own Bandcamp Page.