New Artist: Sleep ∞ Over - Romantic Streams

12:06:00 Wayne 0 Comments

Sometimes there is just too many ∆ / § and Ω's to fathom, its enough to make the average music fan turn off, basically. Although, we'll let this one slide as the track "Romantic Streams" most certainly overrides any alt key code nonsense.

Sleep ∞ Over are Stefanie Francinotti, who hails from Austin, Texas, and is set to release the debut LP Forever on September 27th via Hippos In Tanks.

"Romantic Streams" is a hazy concoction of building synths and effects with quick stabbing drum hits that are topped off with Francinotti's distant, troubled vocals. The mid point of the track stops as if to catch a breath, then begins to ascend into some sort of hallucinogenic tantrum. Check it out below.