Introducing: Pool Kid - Waterslides

17:54:00 Wayne 0 Comments

For most, 'the pool' was a once a year thing, of which you more than made up for in the week (or two if you were lucky) while relaxing somewhere near the Mediterranean. No sleep, no shade, just an all day fun house with the occasional ice cream break thrown in. 

Now all grown up we struggle to remember a time before Jamie Smith (XX) and the sound of a steel pan. It's pretty much spread like an epidemic over the past year. Not that were complaining, mind.

This new Caribbean jam has the most affectionate loop throughout and is the solo work of Dirty Gold lead singer Lincoln Ballif, who doesn't stray too far from his primary bands ever ambrosial, beachwave aesthetic as 'Pool kid'. This being his 'digitized alter ego', apparently.

Unwind to "Waterslides" below and get it for free while your at it. You know, because some people are just nice like that.