New Artist: No Ceremony - Hurtlove

15:15:00 Wayne 0 Comments

Oh look, another mysterious band that is seemingly spreading like wildfire. What's that, a yawn? Close that mouth for now though, as there is no smoke without fire, obviously.

No Ceremony have a site, a VERY good song but not much else (oh, they're from Manchester too). Apparently they sent an anonymous email to another blog (where the fuck was ours, guys?) which is now rippling throughout blogosphere.

There is a reason for all this attention though, and it's not due to the fact that its another one of those unknown projects, oh no. Although, in saying that, one never can tell if it is a well executed PR stunt which we've seemingly fallen for? Time will tell on the latter part.

Anyway, onto the music. The single track - "Hurtlove" - is a simple yet painstakingly affectionate affair containing some lovely vocal samples that are coupled with an adorable three key piano loop. It builds and builds and then you just have to agree, it's utterly brilliant.

Stream / download below.

*Edit - New official video