New Artist: Torches - Little Ice Age/Towerblock Confetti

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New band for you today and a healthy dose of atmospheric electronica from London based quartet, Torches.

The band's sound isn't too dissimilar to that of, what you could call a northern equivalent, Comets.

It's only early days yet but from the two tracks they've recently uploaded to Soundcloud, the band will have no problems pulling people in with that rich and darkly eloquent sound. Torches self proclaimed sound of 'melodramatic popular song' only serves a basis for their songs.

"Little Ice Age" is a blinding piece of dark and edgy electronica, whilst "Towerblock Confetti" shows a different side, more melodic and far more energetically charged, guitar riff especially. Both tracks (We're refraining from any past comparisons) are painted with the sullen tone of singer Charles' vocals. Listen to the pairing below to see what we mean.

UPDATE: The track have undergone a re-work. Listen below. Catch the band playing Binnacle micro festival on October 16th.