New Artist: Fiore - No Pity

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When it comes to anything Psychedelic, I'm almost instantly won over. Any slight hint of phaser and I go weak at the knees. New band Fiore are no different.

There's absolutely jack all known about Fiore other than they're from Los Angeles and it doesn't take a genius to read the second line of someones Soundcloud page.

Exactly how we like it, nothing to talk about but the music. Fiore have a self titled debut LP available for free via Dgenticsmusic. This LP is definitely NOT for the thrill seeking, head first, "I'll give the first track 20 seconds and if it's not pulsating I'll switch it off" kind of music fan.

It definitely IS, for the sit back and allow the music to take me somewhere kind of music fan. People who appreciate music for it's ability to paint kaleidoscopic pictures with notes that sit fittingly alongside strategically placed and delivered vocals.

Fiore are only a stones throw from the sounds of Tame Impala.  They're almost like an eager to impress little brother. Listen to two of our picks from their digital LP, "To Resurrect" and "No Pity".