New Music: Holy Ghost! - Some Children (free download)

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Maybe it's just me but seeing a teaser video that's barely over a minute long is a turn off. This being the case with Holy Ghost!'s latest track "Some Children".

The track's not new, but I'm also guessing not that many people have heard the full version as the "blogosphere" was trampled by the Adult Swim teaser not too long ago. So in an effort to show people the brilliance of this track in full, I'm posting the whole track and not the teaser video...

...End rant.

"Some Children" features Michael McDonald on backing vocals. Yes you heard it right, Michael McDonald on a Holy Ghost! track. His typically soulful voice actually lends itself well to the duo's funky mid tempo grooves and in fact makes the single flow far more fluently than it ever could have without.

At this point I take a paragraph out to salute DFA. I'm sure a lot of people thought they were going to have their work cut out with LCD Soundsystem calling it a day. Much the opposite, the rest of the roster are flourishing, with the likes of Planningtorock and Yacht really turning heads over the past few months.

Holy Ghost!'s self titled Debut LP is available for streaming here, and can be purchsed, here. Listen to the Michael McDonald backed "Some Children" below.