Album Stream: Not Cool - 7", Splits, B-Sides & Bullshit (Free Download)

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Our favourite post-punk noisemakers, London's Not Cool, have just released a collection of 15 tracks which are all taken from this post title. Well, apart from the bullshit, obviously.

In the mix of tracks are cover versions, live tracks and some other familiar tunes like "Wonderful Beasts" & "Way South, South East". Elsewhere you can find Not Cool playing live at The Garage, Islington, in a couple of weeks time (details here) alongside Rory Attwell's Warm Brains and a certain Bos Angeles.

Stream four tracks from the release below, then get the lot for free here.

Track list:

1. Limbs are For Liars – IBB / Paradise Vendors 12” Split
2. Desks – Unreleased
3. Sneaks – Unreleased
4. Flags of Various Nations – Unreleased
5. Dead Kid City (original version) – Unreleased
6. Wonderful Beasts – 7” Single Released by Sleep All Day Records
7. The Bell Curve - 7” B-Side Single Released by Sleep All Day Records
8. Um, You Didn’t Do That in Soundcheck - 7” Single Released by Sleep All Day Records
9. Joe McCarthy’s Ghost (Minutemen Cover)
10. Flux = Rad (Pavement Cover)
11. Man Up – Unreleased
12. Certainly The End of Something or Other – Unreleased
13. Hideous Men (Live from Sao Paulo, Brazil)
14. New Town (Life Without Buildings Cover)
15. Way South, South East – 7” Split with Dignan Porch, Cheatahs and Colours

Also, feel free to throw the guys a penny or two and buy their excellent mini album Rugged Raw over at Amazon.