New Album: Apparat - The Devil's Walk

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Apparat is back with details of The Devil's Walk, his first for Mute Records.

Firstly, an apology to those of you who are super quick on the pulse. We missed Apparat's new track "Black Water" last week, but we have it for you now.

Moving swiftly on, Sascha Ring (Apparat) has put Moderat (Electronic supergroup) on the back burner for the time being to focus back on Apparat. We're pretty confident he's going to gain a large amount of accolades for it. "The Devil's Walk" will be released on September 26.

See the album tracklisting below:

1. Sweet Unrest
2. Song Of Los
3. Black Water
4. Goodbye
5. Candil De La Calle
6. The Soft Voices Die
7. Escape
8. Ash/Black Veil
9. A Bang In The Void
10. Your House Is My World

Now listen to the beautiful "Black Water", which is also available as a MPfree.