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Rising UK producers 
Echo Shade and Betamaxx have combined to release their split EP Trust/Disaronno Brain Feed.

Last time we heard from Echo Shade was back in April when he brought us the simply brilliant and CN'ed track "Fluorescent Nights".

This split EP comes at an excellent time, a time when Neon Indian has also started releasing new tracks. I call it "an excellent time" as the both artists have obvious influences drawn from Neon Indian and the rest of the chillwave movement, serving to prove that it's showing no signs of slowing in it's progression.

Anyway, in a bid to prove I'm not one sided for this EP. Betamaxx is Thomas Reah and he's from our neck of the woods, well, Newcastle if that counts.

I hadn't heard Betamaxx until now I'll hold my hands up, but WOW, give "Disaronno Brain Feed" more than 30 seconds and you'll understand. Funkiest piece of chillwave I think I've heard yet and I'm even prouder to say it's homegrown. Give us some lyrics Tom. Listen to the split EP below, it's a win.