Interview: Big Wave Riders

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Back in March we were hit by what could only be called upbeat, feel-good chillwave, in the form of a track called "It's Funny Things Aren't Gonna Change". It turned out to be a Big Wave Riders song, we then found "Skate Or Die" and the big wave riding love began.

We then found out the band were from Finland and we just had to find out more. So we got in touch and asked Aleksi Luuka from the band a few (like you do) questions. The outcome is below.

(One For The People) Describe the process of becoming Big Wave Riders and what got you to where you are now?

(Aleksi Luukka) A year ago we just decided to create something new and Big Wave Riders is the result. We are old friends and we've known each other from previous bands (Yes Please, Leaders Of The Republic, Jermaine). This is a fresh project and we are very excited about it! You just need to enjoy what you do and anything can happen.

Big Wave Riders - Skate or Die

(1FTP) Describe your style in your own words or expand on this, "We make good music without mathematics or accurate calculations. There are fast, slow, rhythmic and just straight beats and variabilities in our songs. That's it!", did it come naturally or was it a sound you were looking to achieve?

(Aleksi) It came really naturally. We listen to lots of music and there are many bands which have influenced to our music. The list would be endless so it's better not to tell any. You can hear influences from 50's to nowadays. We dont try to do any certain style of music. We just play how we feel and try to do songs that we like. Simple as that!

"The indie scene in Finland is growing all the time and we're really excited about it. It's nice to see how many finnish indie bands are starting to get response from abroad." - Aleksi Luukka, Big Wave Roders, 2011

(1FTP) I've heard a lot of people talking about how Finland has a rather large metal following, I'm not going to be as narrow minded to assume thats all there is. I suspect there's a lot more going on that we should know about. Am I right and what's going on?

(Aleksi) The indie scene in Finland is growing all the time and we're really excited about it. It's nice to see how many finnish indie bands are starting to get response from abroad. I hope that in the near future people would get to know these great bands. So we have here more than just the metal music scene!

(1FTP) It was "It's funny things that aren't gonna change" that initially struck us. Was the process of recording the song as fun as it is listening to it?

(Aleksi) Yeah its always fun to be in the studio 'cause there the tracks really take their shape. You always find new ways to play the songs and they always change a little bit when you record them. We had a great time playing 'It's Funny Things Aren't Gonna Change' and it's nice if you can hear that from the track!

(1FTP) Any record deals in the pipeline yet?

(Aleksi) We signed a record deal with a new record company called Soliti. We're happy about the deal and excited to be part of a new company! Things are great for us at the moment.

(1FTP) Do you have any future plans for releases.

(Aleksi) We will release an EP in Semptember. There will be 6 to 8 tracks and it's pure gold. After that we start to record our debut album. So we have a lot going on.

(1FTP) In an "Ideal" world, where do you picture yourselves as a band?

(Aleksi) We just dont think about it much. We have always made music and it has never come to an end. This is our passion. It would be great to play gigs abroad and meet new people!

(1FTP) Tip us some other Finnish bands to keep an eye on.

(Aleksi) There are so many bands that are worth to keep an eye on. For example French Films, Satellite Stories, The Casbah, Waves Of The Echo, Delay Trees, The Wha's etc...You should take a look at the Flow Festival pages. It's a festival in Helsinki and there are many good finnish bands playing there this Summer.

(1FTP) Fill in the blanks...

(Aleksi) Big Wave Riders are 50´s and 60´s mixed with 70´s and 80´s with a little bit of 90´s and nowadays thrown in.

Big Wave Riders - Big Sound