New Video: Tom Vek - Aroused

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After the killer first two tracks we brought to you, "A Chore" and "A World of Doubt". Tom Vek now releases a video to accompany the new track "Aroused".

This track definitely signals a more controlled feeling to his always inventive brand of pop. However this song will still be taking its place in your head for the rest of the day. Leisure Seizure is out now and I'd advise you to go out and buy the belter, but if your undecided you can always stream it here. "Aroused" is scheduled for release on 15th August.

The cast of the video are all simply smoking, and of course some dance moves thrown in for good measure. The video comes from Tom's friend/one of the hottest music directors in the world right now, Saam Farahmand. In Tom's own words the video is:
 "a nod to the way in which smoking is used heavily and quite innocently in art and fashion"