New Artist: Big Wave Riders - Skate Or Die

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Not really sure if these guys actually do skate, or even surf for that matter. Regardless though, were here for the music, so lets say hello to Finland's Big Wave Riders.

The sense of the bands lo-fi garage mentality is evident, yet its merged with gazing guitar riffs that conjure up thoughts of a middle point between Foals' Total Life Forever (albeit without the quite euphoric highs) and to a lesser extent the 'I-love-to-hate-you-ness of The Drums / Two Door Cinema Club. Not at all bad then for a band who have only been together for 9 months.

As BWR (great fucking name by the way) say in there own words they "make good music without mathematics or accurate calculations" - which would explain the sharp shifts in tempo then.

New track "Skate Or Die"

Big Wave Riders - Skate Or Die 

And while your here be should check out the tropical number "It's Funny Things Aren't Gonna Change" below, it's yet more evidence that these wave riders are for real.

Big Wave Riders - It's Funny Things Aren't Gonna Change