New Track: Just A Number 05272011 - Business

08:48:00 Wayne 0 Comments

So after much guess work on here and just about every other news bringing music site, out comes another new track from Isle Of Man Scandinavian electro act Just A Number 05272011

Still no more info as yet but, they recently spoke to NMB (which is Swedish, you do the math) for a little Q&A session. And, The Fader of all people just premiered this track, so I'm thinking someone knows more than they're letting on.

Anyway, onto the music. "Business" is a much more bass driven affair than the previous "He Didn't want a Long Song" or "The Pain" and features some vocals from a new male member. It's still as charming though, and warming to us with every listen.

Make your mind up below....

Just A Number 05272011 - Business