New Artist: Cave Painting - Midnight Love / Leaf

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At only 6 months old Brighton 5 piece Cave Painting are slowly emerging onto the new music rader, fueled by the 2 tracks we bring you today.

Although we weren't aware of their presence until a round robin press email (we know, shame on us) it's a good job we're now in the know, so to speak.

Apparently taking inspirations from an array of musicians that range from Fleetwood Mac to Kanye West (cant really see either to be frank, but hey...), the bands lead track is "Midnight Love" - A sparse, ambiant love song that transcends into atmospheric monster and back again, all within 3 minutes 45 sec.


Meanwhile, the bands only other track out in blogosphere is "Leaf" (free download no less), which sticks with a more traditional tempo / structure and incorporates a quite beautiful, (and again) atmospheric guitar riff. 

It's an impressive start, we're definitely eager to hear more. Also, while were here, be on the look out for an official "Midnight Love" video in the not too distant. For now thought you can watch the trailer below.

Midnight Love Trailer from Cave Painting on Vimeo.

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