New Remix: Christian AIDS vs Patterns - Fly to NY

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We're fascinated by Christian AIDs, first they dropped the tracks "Stay Positive", "Fever" and "Scum". Now they seem to be getting their claws stuck into a remix or two.

We don't like to make a habit of posting about remixes but these just need to be seen / heard. At the start of the week we brought you their remix of Purity Ring's CN track "Ungirthed". Now with a new week staring us in the face we have another.

This time Christian AID's have focused on a remix of the track "Fly to Ny" from Patterns.

Patterns, for anyone who doesn't know, are another Mancunian band and I suppose you could class them as shoegaze. A few month back they released their EP New Noise.

This track needless to say, is a wee bit different to patterns usual sound. Watch the video below.... Enjoy!