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tennis ladies dont play guitar alaina moore

Tennis "Ladies Don't Play Guitar" sees Alaina Moore & Patrick Riley play on satire, as much as their instruments.

It feels like an absolute age since we last heard Tennis, maybe they realised their sound had started to find copycats and saturate the market, or maybe they just went off sailing again - who knows. One thing we do know is that "Ladies Don't Play Guitar" represents a re-invigorated, fresh and classy re-emergence for the husband/wife duo. Alaina Moore's vocals are as sugary sweet as ever, paired with an added edge and drive we've so far not seen from Tennis. As far as comebacks go, this is one hell of a good one.

Tennis will no doubt have a new album just around the corner but with no word as of yet, how about you just listen to "Ladies Don't Play Guitar" below.