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No fucks given here, not usually the kind of thing we'd post on here but its time for a bit of a switch up. Tove Lo brought out one of 2014's best pop albums and it seems like she's about to do the same this year by the sounds of "Cool Girl".

Lets firstly put all the not that subtle vaginal innuendos from the cover art to one side and focus on the track. Tove Lo "Cool Girl" offers a fresh but also very familiar take on low-key r&b. Possessing similar elements that you'd typically hear on a Weeknd track, Tove Lo also offers a slightly more family friendly take on his lyrical styling too. Enough edge for the picky and enough restraint for the radio. It's sure to be a huge hit.

Listen to Tove Lo "Cool Girl" below. No news on a new album at the minute.