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whistlejacket oh brother ep fierce panda

Whistlejacket drop "Oh Brother" and it fully takes advantage of the pair of balls that Tame Impala seem to have lost on their trip from Innerspeaker to their most recent - and still pretty damn good - LP.

I'm sure Whistlejacket want, to an extent, to steer clearl of any overbearing Tame Impala resemblance but to be totally honest, how can you do that after listening to "Oh Brother". Yeah, maybe it's possessing a few more obvious garage rock elements than heard on Innerspeaker, but it still sounds ridiculously close. This isn't a negative by any stretch of the imagination though, its a winner for me and I'm sure for most pre-Lonerism Tame Impala fans. Hopefully the further 3 tracks to be heard on the upcoming Oh Brother EP prove to be just as solid as this.

Listen to Whistlejacket's "Oh Brother" below, and head over to Fierce Panda to find out a bit more of whats going on for Whistlejacket at the minute, including tour dates.