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middle kids edge town hannah tim harry

Australian trio Middle Kids emerge with debut song "Edge Of Town", possessing all the earmarks of an instant classic.

I feel like I've been saying the Australian music scene is on fire for absolute years now - its not showing any sign of faltering. We've had a break from consistent posting for well over a year now and the fact of the matter is, the Australian indie scene isn't simply a passing phase anymore, it's here to stay.

Middle Kids consist of Hannah Joy, Tim Fitz and Harry Day. "Edge Of Town" is, to put it simply, a brilliant indie rock song. Hannah Joy's vocals prove equal parts extravagant and charismatic and her melodies feel like sheer indulgence. "Edge Of Town" soars with a meld of relentless riffs and a solid drum beat, ending in a crescendo of pure sunshine rock.

Listen to Middle Kids "Edge Of Town" below. Expect a debut EP release on Mirror Music Group later this year.