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Neon Indian unveils "Slumlord" the second track we're to hear from his upcoming VEGA INTL. Night School album and it sound rather like he's a step back in time, took a dive through "Deadbeat Summer", and come out on the other side with "Slumlord".

Previous track "Annie" and now this "Slumlord" are showing that Neon Indian has embraced summer on VEGA INTL. Night School and this may not actually be true, but with only two tracks to go by, it certainly seems that way. There's a nostalgic summer NY feel to this album, and knowing that Palomo moved to New York from Texas a few years back, the influence from his surroundings is finally starting to show. There's a fair amount of weirdness that comes with "Slumlord" but what did you really expect from the guy that invented his own synth?

It does bare a specific resemblance to what we've recently been hearing from Rush Midnight, and the vocals even sound pretty similar too, only with a far more complex synth arrangement and its in places a tough but rewarding listen, in comparison. Neon Indian will release VEGA INTL. Night School on October 16 through Mom + Pop Music and Transgressive Records.