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It is that time of the year again or maybe a little past that time of year if we're being totally honest but never-the-less, we have a list compiled of some of the best tracks to slap us in the chops and make us take note this year - even adding them to our Certified Tracks section. Just to be a bit different, we will be throwing some album tracks in the mix to highlight how important it is not to solely rely on blogs posting song after song, and what a front-to-back album can offer.

First off, we've so far had 12 brilliant tracks and they're all featured in our CT15 section of the website, but keep reading to find out why we think they're so good. On top of that, like we've just said, we'll shuffle the pack and highlight some songs that haven't featured on the site because they're album tracks. So here goes.



"Out Of My World" features on Danish band Communions' self-titled EP which was released back at the start of June, and to say it is the best EP of 2015 would be hitting the nail on the head, something Communions do so brilliantly on "Out Of My World". The song offers delicate and innocent vocals laden on harsh and brazen shoegaze, and post-punk instrumentals. The band know how to make a catchy chorus work with a post-punk instrumental and having heard a lot of similar releases, it's not an easy feat.



"Silk" is one of Wolf Alice's My Love Is Cool album tracks, and we feel it deserves more appreciation than it will probably get. It doesn't really do much, but what it does do is extremely effective. It has a chorus to die for and it ends way too early - not to the track's detriment though and "Silk", which is one of the more recently written and recorded Wolf Alice tracks, leaves you with the same empty feeling the lyrics are trying to purvey. "Silk" is a live anthem in the making and I guarantee, with a set of headphones and a touch more concentration than you might typically give, you'll be sticking it on repeat.



Tame Impala's "The Less I Know The Better" is another album track in serious danger of missing out on the praise it so desperately deserves. Kevin Parker's lyrics will slice deep to the core for a lot of you, and for the ones who can't relate, you are extremely lucky. The bassline is funky as fuck too.

"Someone said they left together. I ran out the door to get her. She was holding hands with Trevor. Not the greatest feeling ever. Said, "Pull yourself together, you should try your luck with Heather." Then I heard they slept together. Oh, the less I know the better."



"Multi-Love" was the first track Unknown Mortal Orchestra unveiled from their album of the same name. It struck quite a lot of people by surprise and it really shouldn't have. UMO have been working on this notion since their first release and it was just a matter of natural progression for them to end up at "Multi-Love". The song is their best example yet of psych fused r&b, and tackles the issue of a polyamorous relationship.



Tamaryn's previous venture was of a psychedelic shoegaze nature, and reasonably lo-fi. That's long gone now and taking "Cranekiss" as a stand point, it's obvious that Tamaryn is more comfortable in her new niche. "Cranekiss" is a whole lot more dream-pop or even, to a point, just standard pop - melding ethereal guitar and bass lines with euphoric synths and rapturous yet sultry vocals. To keep it simple, it's an absolute delight.



When we first tagged Youth Lagoon's "The Knower" as a Certified Track, it wasn't just based on the quality of the track, it was also based on - in our opinion - a significant improvement on Youth Lagoon's previous material. "The Knower" feels boldly honest, straight to the point, and gives off a potent feel of self damning. It possesses a solid resonance and to put it simply, has balls. The percussion is insane and I was addicted from the moment I pressed play.



Girls Names' "Reticence" is possibly the angriest, most snarling comeback we've been treat to all year. Girls Names are tired of the industry and aren't going to hang about waiting for it to change. They've gone about making an album totally self-reliant and self-aware. "Reticence" was the first example of this and the idea behind it firmly lodged itself in my head. In doing all this, Girls Names have maybe unknowingly made their most upbeat and electrifying song to date.



What is left to be said about Jamie XX. He doesn't exactly need any promotional help from us, but there's always room for credit where it is due. In the case of "Loud Places" - it is most definitely due. Featuring The xx band mate, Romy Madley Croft, "Loud Places" has blown the mainstream away this year, and is possibly the most successful track we'll feature in this list. Does the success of "Loud Places" signal a future step in a different direction for The xx? who knows...



Earlier in the year, Chromatics scored the soundtrack to Ryan Gosling's Lost River and all the while teased new tracks from their upcoming Dear Tommy album. We still have no release date for Dear Tommy and its been about 6 months since Johnny Jewel dropped "Just Like You". When we first heard the mouthful "I Can Never Be Myself When You're Around", it had us melting with excitement. The added fact that Desire's Megan Louise features as backing vocals gives the track that added touch of class and distinction - it sounds like a new Drive soundtrack in the making and sorry, that is not a bad thing.



WILSN's "Unmeet You" must surely be garnering some label interest because it completely blew up when it first hit the net, and when you take into consideration her vocal resemblance to Amy Winehouse and ability to bring old school soul into the 21st century, she's definitely onto something. "Unmeet You" is buttery smooth and WILSN's powerful vocals form the perfect juxtaposition, teetering on the brink of fragility. The song is possibly the most infectious thing we've heard all year.



Cork duo Young Wonder initially slipped under our radar, and to say we were disappointed would be an understatement. "Sweet Dreaming" is one of the freshest sounding new songs we've heard this year. Its production is nigh on perfect, has elements of melancholy hidden under layers of sprightly, glittering positive vibes, and the vocals are utterly immersive. "Sweet Dreaming" featured on Young Wonder's Birth which came out on May 18th through Brendan Canty's Feel Good Lost - what a pairing!



Indie, indie, indie, indie, this is indie music like it should be. Sundara Karma had me almost tossing a coin for my preferred track between "Loveblood" and current track "Flame". I opted for "Loveblood" because it had move of an initial impact on me, and I think if you haven't already heard the guys then it's the perfect introduction. We're expecting big things from Sundara Karma, their energy, positive vibes, and catchy choruses and riffs are exactly what we've all been missing. "Loveblood" is the perfect example of this. 



From something incredibly easy on the ears and bordering on mainstream to - "Witness" - something completely opposite yet equally amazing. Makthverskan sound like Siouxsie, lets get that out the way. They create angsty, driving post-punk. Their vocals are blood curdling. Their energy is second to none, and their lyrics are no messin'. We all need to let our hair down sometimes and Makthverskan's "Witness" is the perfect track to do that to.



Purity Ring have been one of the most individual acts out there for the past few years, you can't pigeon hole them, they just do their thing and we're left to enjoy it. "Begin Again" was the second track to come from Purity Ring's latest album Shrines. Their goal posts haven't moved much since their debut but the days of "Ungirthed" seem to be long gone. Here we have a heavy droning, dark, and atmospheric instrumental, laden with the angelic delicacy that is Megan James' vocal. They work like nothing you've ever heard before - and that juxtaposition is at it's best on "Begin Again".