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With "A Hunger Artist", Belfast's Girls Names stay true on their path of self-preservation from all the toxic elements so prevalent in today's record industry. Arms Around A Vision is slowly but surely entering our sights and the album is set for release October 2nd through Tough Love. 

Presumably named after a Franz Kafka short story, "A Hunger Artist" paints one of two stories, depending on how you look at things, but regardless of frontman Cathal Cully's thoughts which led to this song, we've been dealt a truly solid post-punk track yet again. It is almost impossible not to compare Cully's vocals to that  of Ian Curtis, but that isn't where it ends for Girls Names - they've been getting that shtick for some time now. The secret is in "A Hunger Artist"'s fizzing and popping synths, and keyboards, colliding so charmingly over a heavy bassline. It is their contradiction of styles that meld so movingly perfect and it isn't something new, they've been doing this ever since gracing our headphones with "Black Saturday", and will continue on Arms Around A Vision.

Grab a pre-order of Girls Names' Arms Around A Vision, I guarantee it will be one of my top five albums this year - Without doubt.