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Been meaning to post this for exactly twenty six days now and we've finally got around to it. Hat tip to DNNM on this one. Boat Culture are a Toronto four-piece compiling some of the most dreamy lo-fi indie we've heard since maybe 2009?, 2010? - dunno but "Half Old" is saweeeeet.

We always bang on about positive feel good vibes and stuff that doesn't come with any pretense and is fucking believable, you know, shouldn't be that hard to find should it? - well it is. Boat Culture pack all those things into one melodic, jangle-pop package and "Half Old" is maybe the pick of the litter so far. They've got other tracks which you can check out on their Bandcamp too.

Grab a copy of those said Boat Culture tracks now, including "Half Old", they're all available for a name your price fee on Bandcamp.