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Been keeping half an eye on the ventures of Tamaryn, especially since she chose to opt out of the dreamy shoegaze she was creating on gems like "Dawning", and to be completely honest, we were worried. We needn't have been though, as this new project has just spawned a colossus of a track in "Cranekiss".

Hopefully by now, people understand we're not a site that regurgitates a press release into something less concise and altogether disingenuous - naming no names. We heard the first track and we didn't know altogether what to make of it, so reserved comment till things became more clear to us - mainly because we loved her previous work with Rex John Shelverton.

"Cranekiss" is that moment for us, that moment of clarity and understanding, of what Tamaryn's latest venture is and means. "Cranekiss" is doused in energy and gives off an essence of vigour and revitalisation. Tamaryn's vocals aren't too different to what we grew to love, only possessing a rich clarity rather than cloaked wooze. "Cranekiss" floats along with a thin dream-pop coating, only to be covering a deep and burning desire. Fresh is a term used too often in this industry, but one that couldn't befit this track any better.

Below you can stream "Cranekiss" and previous track, "Hands All Over Me". Cranekiss is the title track to Tamaryn's upcoming third LP, set for release through Mexican Summer on August 28th - grab a pre-order now.

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  1. I'll definitely be listening to more of their stuff, great song that many different levels.