Tracks: Ducktails - Surreal Exposure

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Not too sure which we prefer, Ducktails' "Surreal Exposure" or previous "Headbanging In The Mirror". It's certainly a hard choice, but maybe "Surreal Exposure" tops it.

As we've already said, Ducktails' St. Catherine is set for release this summer - July 24th to be exact - and it may very well work its way into a certain seasonal feature we have a habit of putting out, we'll see tomorrow. The feel on "Surreal Exposure" is incredible, one of the best mood boosters we've heard in a long time. Paired with Matt Mondanile's intrinsic vocals its an absolute peach of a track, blending synth-pop, psych, general indie-rock and country elements to form an abstract slice of heady vibezzzzz - it's addictive.

If you want to order a copy of Ducktails' St. Catherine, you can get a pre-order through, his label, Domino's website.