Tracks: White Reaper - Make Me Wanna Die

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We first featured Louisville's White Reaper in June last year and now they're readying debut full-length White Reaper Does It Again with new track "Make Me Wanna Die".

White Reaper's music does exactly what it says on the tin, there's no over-complication with it and in a way, reminds me of an Americanised version of our very own Nai Harvest. It won't win any awards for originality but who gives a shit when it's as catchy as "Make Me Wanna Die". That raucous garage-rock sound of yesteryear is timeless and paired with those -as-hell keys - the track is an absolute wonder.

You can grab a pre-order of White Reaper Does It Again through the polyvinyl web-store. As always our links are primarily for Vinyl, but you have a variety of options on this one.