Album Stream: Ben Khan - 1000 EP

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We've been waiting for this with baited breath since we were first treat to title track "1000" and now Ben Khan's 1000 EP is available to stream in full.

The four track EP features further tracks, "Red", "Zenith" and "2022 Zodiac". So far we've also heard "Zenith" but we're yet to wrap our ears around "Red" and "2022 Zodiac", so now's our perfect opportunity. Both unheard tracks contain the same droney funk heard on previous tracks, only demonstrating a more downbeat nature that adds the perfect balance to this 1000 EP. We've now heard two EPs from Khan and we're hoping the bars now been raised for a full-length or extended EP even.

You can grab a pre-order order Ben Khan's 1000 EP which has an official release date of May 11th now - as yet we see no signs of a vinyl issue though.