Tracks: Tame Impala - Eventually

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We were very wary and to be frank, fairly worried about Tame Impala burnout and, in a way, wish we hadn't been treat to so many tracks from the band in such a short time because at this rate we'll have probably heard the full release before it can even stream in full. Having said that, "Eventually" is yet another scorcher.

Luckily, "Eventually" has been earmarked by the band as being the last track we'll hear before Currents' release on July 17th, so we now know where we are and what's forthcoming. We've had four solid gold tracks from the band so far and in fairness, most others don't achieve that. Typically you're treat to two good tracks and one or two rushed sounding filler tracks. Well not in Tame Impala's case, as "Eventually" only adds to what the band have built up from previously heard tracks, "Let It Happen", "'Cause I'm A Man" and "Disciples". All very different in their own psychedelic way but all very similar at the same time. It's obvious the band are progressing and hearing "Eventually" it's evident that their recent experimentation has gone a way to their current stance and output. It all bodes amazingly for the release of Currents come July 17th.

Grab a pre-order of Currents, which like we've said twice already, is out July 17th through Interscope.