Tracks: Tame Impala - Let It Happen

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Wasn't going to actually post this as we figured anyone with even an ounce of taste or ability to follow other sites would have already heard it, but hang on... this is Tame Impala, why wouldn't we post about it?

"Let It Happen" turns an inch or two closer to psychedelic space-rock than we've heard on previous efforts and sounds far more outer-space than landscape - something we fell in love without on Innerspeaker. Rather than get all hyped about the fact one of the better bands about at the minute have released a track, lose our shit and post about how unbelievably amazing this extremely long track is, it's important to remember the Tame Impala evolution. One which will soon scale the tiny proportions of 3 LPs, and still feel like they're only scratching at the surface. Yes, this new release is most likely a track to test the water and their new record will likely sound far more commercial, but not for the obvious (monetary) reasons. Mainly for the reasons the band's recording conditions have likely improved and their technique also. Like every other band, they're honing their skills and this latest effort stands as an example of that - let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

Certified Track, no. Interesting, yes.