Tracks: Communions - Summer's Oath

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Back in march Communions dropped what's officially my favourite track of the year so far, but on hearing their newest track "Summer's Oath" it's apparent their quality won't be stopping there.

Without making too much connection to their Danish peers, Communions have a rock-solid grip on their post-punk sound. So much so that it feels they're outgrowing it and emerging as pioneers of a whole new styling. Yes, it does have feint markings of The Cure and other iconic bands such as Joy Division, to name a few, but what Communions are doing, is adding their smooth edge of pop clarity mixed with glittery positive undertones. These all meld so perfectly within their reverb-drenched, murky anxiety that its very easy to miss.

The vinyl version of Communions' self-titled LP is now sold-out but you can grab a copy of the digital version, which is out on June 1st through Tough Love Records, here.