Video/Album Stream: Yumi Zouma - Alena/EP II

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Yumi Zouma come back with a new video for "Alena", the sequel, if you will, to the video for "Catastrophe".

We've already spoke of "Alena" as it was one of our Certified Tracks last year but in addition to what we now know, the track has a far more laid-back dance groove than on previous efforts. It sounds almost upbeat and it could no-doubt soundtrack a lot of people's holidays this year. The plucky guitars of "Catastrophe" are left behind for an ambient and bassy instrumentation that plants the group on the electronic side of that indie/electronic picket fence.

If you haven't heard Yumi Zouma's EP II yet, you can stream it in full below, but in-terms of purchases, much like their debut - it's sold out.