Introducing: Talkie Walkie - Banshee

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By Antoine Magnien

First off, we'd just like to give a big thanks to Shiny Shiny New for being such a tremendous help in the sourcing of this brilliant new track, "Banshee", from French fuzz bangers, Talkie Walkie.

With summer-beachy-jangle-pop-surf-rock-vibes a plenty, Talkie Walkie have blown our minds with "Banshee". It's a real ear-worm of a track and enough to make anyone want to fight over accreditation and self-validation. We'll leave that alone though, and bask in the ambiance of "Banshee" on-loop.

"Banshee" is the first single to come from Talkie Walkie's debut album due out October (miles away) on Freemount Records.