Tracks: Shunkan - Our Names (Free Download)

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New Zealand's Shunkan unveil "Our Names" an infectious side step from the shoegazing heard on last years sell-out Honey, Milk and Blood EP.

Shunkan is now a fully-fledged band and you can immediately hear the difference. The edginess and slightly muffled vocals heard on previous tracks like Certified Track, "Dust in Your Eyes" have been replaced by a catchy, Wayne's World-esque, head-bangingly (great English I know) good chorus and clear vocals. Shoegaze this is not - an Art Is Hard release however this is, and it sounds every bit intrinsic to the quality we've grown accustomed to from the label.

"Our Names" is set for release through Art Is Hard on April 13th, you can also grab it as a free download via Soundcloud.