Tracks: Nai Harvest - All The Time

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Sheffield's Nai Harvest drop another track, "All The Time" following previous Hairball cut, "Sick On My Heart".

What is good about Nai Harvest, is they know exactly how they want to be perceived and don't mess about strategically releasing two different styling of tracks prior to their LP release (they may actually do that with their next track) just for sake of looking versatile. Rock music didn't come about from people trying to over-do things and that's where the boys of Nai Harvest come up trumps.

High-octane garage punk that's light-hearted and straight to the point is always the order of the day and it's no different on "All The Time". Their chorus is on point as ever and has you yearning to be in a sweaty venue with a pint of god awful San Miguel or something similar, costing upwards of £3.50....

New LP Hairball is set for release on April 28th via Topshelf Records - Pre-order.