Tracks: Sundara Karma - Waves

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It's nice to have another Sundara Karma track to spin since they dropped "The Night" a week-or-so ago. "Waves", the third track to come from their upcoming EP1, isn't quite the indie-pop fest heard on their previous effort and shows the band have a bit more variety in their basket than your run-of-the-mill indie whoppers.

"Waves" is anything but run-of-the-mill, it's brilliant - managing to meld a styling we've come to expect from Foals, with a tribal fusion of percussion and tasty guitar hooks. The vocals show personality and charm, coming across sincere with a inner-warmth that even creates a feeling of those impending summer-time vibes. We're not quite there yet but the nights are softening, slowly-slowly.

Sundara Karma's debut release, EP1 is out through Believe Recordings on February 23rd.