CT15 #4: Makthaverskan - Witness

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Very rarely do we agree with opinion on Pitchf**k, but in this instance their decision to give Makthaverskan the plaudits for their new track, "Witness", is fully justified and also why we've made it our fourth Certified Track of the year.

Sounding like Siouxie isn't exactly an easy trait to pull off, I'm sure a lot of dimwits have attempted it (don't even want to think about Karaoke versions) and failed, but what vocalist Maja Milner manages should be applauded for brilliance rather than criticised for mimicking. The vocals on "Witness" are an absolute goliath of raw energy, passion, emotion and drama - sounds like Savages without fucking about trying to be all arty-farty.

Instrumentation on "Witness" is blood curdling too, demonic bass and guitar-lines meld into drumming insanity as Milner wails, 'Witness your fall' and 'I'll make you beg for mercy'...