CT14 #25: The Amazing - Picture You

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Stockholm Psych band The Amazing unveil nine minute plus title track from upcoming LP, Picture You.


We're back to posting at random arse times because of the typically b.s. hectic schedule that comes with living in London. Things were more fun pre-2013 anyway, less strategic and overly interested in generating a readership and more interested in telling the world or whoever finds it, how fucking awesome something is. So here we are, reversing the clock back a few years - I feel similar to when I first heard Beach House drop "Myth" and I just couldn't wait to write a load of shit about it - still pricks the hairs on the back of my neck now.

The Amazing's "Picture You" isn't really anything like though, it has a cinema-esque moving quality to it and at over nine minutes, something interesting needs to be in store. That something, would be the fact we've got two tracks posing as one. You have the first half, jaunty happy-go-lucky and care-free in nature - a bit like Woods' recent release, and then you have the back-end - far more dreary and tempestuous instrumental. Every couple of months we need a track like this to restore our faith in music because to be honest, it's wearing very, very thin.

Grab a pre-order of the Amazing's Picture You which is set for release through Partisan on February 16th.