Introducing: Swim Mountain - Yesterday

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London psych-rock four-piece Swim Mountain unveil "Yesterday" from upcoming self-titled debut EP.


I'd rather not be saying this because above all things it's stating the obvious and secondly, it's just plain boring - Swim Mountain sound like fucking Tame Impala. Sorry, I said it. Not that sounding like Tame Impala is a bad thing, people presuming you're just ripping off a sound might be though - good thing we just appreciate the music.

"Yesterday" is a monster track, it's so damn earwormy, just plain ridiculous - seriously nice guitar riffage. On top of that, the track gives off an inner warming feel, something that only psych-rock can usually do and good psych rock at that. Hat tip Swim Mountain for producing one of the best psych tracks this side of 2013.

You can pre-order the EP for an instant download of "Yesterday", ahead of the EP release on September 29th.