Tracks: DELS - RGB

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UK rapper Kieren Gallear aka DELS returns today with new track "RGB" and promise of new LP Petals Have Fallen.

Photo by Rosie Maisie Willoughby

It seems like an absolute age since we last heard anything from DELS and if we're anything to go by, it was back in 2011 during the release of debut LP, Gob. He's now back with help from Kwes, Micachu and Tirzah and it's like he was never away.

"RGB" sounds like a revitalised DELS. He's aggressive, confident and mischievous, taking on some very now topics. Beats have been put forward by Bonobo and Micachu and the whole thing sounds like the bar is going to be well and truly raised come the release of Petals Have Fallen.

You can pre-order Petals Have Fallen here - it's released through Big Dada on November 3rd.