Tracks: Happyness - You Come To Kill Me?

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Off the back of Weird Little Birthday, London's Happyness unveil "You Come To Kill Me?" from new EP, Anything I Do Is All Right.


Having already featured heavy on the site, including a feature detailing Weird Little Birthday as one of our anticipated albums this summer, Happyness have chosen not to rest on their laurels and a new EP is now on the horizon. Entitled Anything I Do Is All Right the EP will feature this most recent track "You Come To Kill Me?".

The 90's indie-slacker sound is still as present as ever on "You Come To Kill Me?" and it's obvious the band have found a tidy little niche to sit within. Whether it be a comparison to Pavement or a hint towards early Yuck recordings, it's not exactly a bad comparison to be making. The future looks bright, even if the future's only scraping two minutes long.