Feature: Anticipated Summer LPs 2014

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Following the success of the debut Anticipated feature, here's a run down of the our most anticipated LP releases this summer.


Summer isn't exactly the ripest season when it comes to new releases, but this year may have a few surprises up it's sleeve. Once again, for anyone new to this, these aren't necessarily releases we think or know are going to be top-drawer albums, they just have a strong possibility of ticking your boxes, especially if you're familiar with the kind of music we feature on the site. If you aren't then don't worry as we're not going to presume any of you are 100% familiar with these acts and we'll write the rundown to reflect that. In no particular order, here goes:


Beverly - Careers (Kanine Records: July 1st)

Beverly is the duo of Frankie Rose and Drew Citron, the former being an ex-Crystal Stilts and Vivian Girls Drummer and the latter being in Avan Lava - don't worry, you're not missing anything.

If you're a fan of fuzzy, guitar pop à la Dum Dum Girls & Vivian Girls, but prefer things with a bit more edge and bite than that, then Beverly will likely tick your boxes.


Morrissey - World Peace Is None Of Your Business (Harvest: July 15)

The guy, whether you love to hate him, hate to love him or just love or despise him always has something valuable to say, and Morrissey will no doubt have some brilliant and thought provoking tracks on WPINOYB and that's why, even though we've posted none of his new music, Morrissey is always one to keep your eye on.


Childhood - Lacuna (Marathon Artists: August 11th)

We can without any doubt say that we've been firmly behind Childhood from day one, back when they unveiled "Blue Velvet", "Paper Wave" and "Easy Bus" on a tatty Myspace page. Since then things have progressed and at the end of each year we've found ourselves placing the band in our "Ones To Watch" for the following year to no avail. Well, it looks like 2014 is the year of Childhood and it's been a bloody long time coming!


Happyness - Weird Little Birthday (June 16th)

From a band who it feels like a decade wait for, to a band that's done it all in such a short period of time. Happyness are probably one of the highest quality, British underground artists in circulation at the minute. The band produced Weird Little Birthday by themselves and judging by their previous releases, namely their self-titled EP, it's almost rubber stamped as a sure-fire hit - underground that is. If you're a fan of Yo La Tengo or Pavement, you're in for a treat.


Merchandise - After The End (4AD: August 26th)

British do it best, and with 4AD Merchandise we're always going to move up the ladder those couple of rungs, to some hardcore fans disappointment and to others' rejoice. Either way the band's new LP, After The End is arguably 2014's #1 anticipated album. Anyone new to the band, frontman Carson Cox just described their new stuff as pop music with a twisted-reality and that couldn't be anymore perfect of their current sound. Don't believe us? Listen to "Little Killer".


Donovan Blanc - Donovan Blanc (Captured Tracks: June 24th)

From our favourite British label to our favourite American label. Captured Tracks are set to release Donovan Blanc's self-titled debut. The band concoct a whimsical, light and breezy dream-pop, similar to that of Ariel Pink - including his air of eccentricity. The band are now two tracks to the good and the LP will no doubt be as strong as "Hungry A Long Time" and "Minha Menina".


Alvvays - Alvvays (Transgressive/Polyvinyl: July 22)

Alvvays didn't come onto the scene until their absolutely brilliant "Archie, Marry Me", which has been getting praise on all kinds of UK radio shows from Absolute to 6Music - and rightly so. The band produce some of the finest fuzz immersed indie-pop your likely to hear in the current climate. The quality factor is helped by the bands believable factor - there's too much shit about these days and bands like Alvvays need as much support as we can give them.


Honeyblood - Honeyblood (FatCat Records: July 14th)

Honeyblood didn't immediately catch out attention and ultimately, we were made to pay when they dropped most recent track, "Killer Bangs" - we'd like to say don't be fooled by the name, but the track 100% lives up to its title. The band produce some of the best and most uncomplicated, melody driven garage rock. Don't be fooled by the uncomplicated tag though because the duo produce some seriously tight instrumentation to boot.

Until Autumn...