Tracks: The Rosebuds - In My Teeth (Free Download)

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American indie-rockers The Rosebuds return with "In My Teeth" from Loud Planes Fly Low follow up, Sand + Silence.


It's been three years since The Rosebuds' last (original material) LP and judging by "In My Teeth", it doesn't sound like they've lost any of the edge found on previous track "Woods".

"In My Teeth" is a perfectly crafted song - it's bold, buoyant and gleaming with all the joys of summer. It doesn't break down any walls that previously existed for the band but what it does do is strengthen a sound which has now grown intrinsic to their name. Wait for that guitar riff around-about the half-way point too!

Sand + Silence which Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) was involved in, comes out August 5th via Western Vinyl - grab a pre-order.