CT14 #18: Soph Nathan - Our Girl

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"...towering riffs and gorgeously suited vocals" - Introducing Brighton newcomers Soph Nathan...

Art by Maureen Nathan
Brighton is a place that consistently comes up trumps with new musical talent, almost every single time in fact. New on the block (or pier, whatever you like) is trio Soph Nathan and their impressive debut song "Our Girl".

Along with Josh Tyler and Nick Klar (that's right, they're a three piece, see the profile image above) their debut song is a soaring piece of work. Full of dreamy, towering riffs and gorgeously suited vocals, file somewhere between Cocteau Twins, Blouse & more recently Glasgow's Life Model, if you will. Not bad really, you know, for a first song and all.

Soph Nathan play their first gig at the Green Door Store on August 17th, with more recordings on the way soon. Listen to "Our Girl" below.